Top 5 Ranked Android Games In The USA

Top 5 Ranked Android Games

Top 5 Ranked Android Games

When it comes to playing video games, this nation is well ahead. The primary explanation is that playing games aren’t merely considered a form of amusement here. Here, playing games can make you a lot of money. You’re correct; I’m referring to the United States. Check out the USA’s Top 5 Android Games.

You might also be surprised to find that the majority of game publishers and developers around the world are Americans. They are in high demand, to start. In the United States, the market for mobile phone games is expanding in addition to that for online games.

Top 5 Ranked Android Games In The USA

Recent headlines about a U.S. publisher and mobile games elevated Android gaming to entirely new heights. Additionally, as of October 2021, mobile game revenue in the USA was 15 billion USD.

Additionally, there are more than 191 million gaming laptop users in the US at the moment. And that figure represents more than 57.3% of the entire population.

Let me now show you the titles that currently sit atop the American Google Play Store:

Save The Grandmother:

Save The Grandmother

a really easy game. Most likely, you can relax a little bit when playing games while you’re bored. I hope you are aware of your responsibilities in the game.

Don’t worry, playing this game only requires a few touches. You have to be saved by a sweet old granny who looks like a cartoon in the game.

On Google Play, the game is ranked second among casual games. Additionally, it has a 4th-place store rank on Google Play.

Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile

On the PC, this game enjoyed greater popularity than before. The game’s popularity appears to have grown even more after it was released on mobile devices.

Additionally, a month after its release, the game surpassed all others in terms of downloads in the USA. In the action game category of the Google Playlist, it is ranked first.

Figurine Art:

Figurine Art

This game is a must-have if you enjoy drawing and want to unleash your creative side. The fact that this game is built on art and craft is the key factor. In the game, you can create bespoke statue designs with whatever color scheme and texture you like.

Additionally, you can start a workshop right here. Any store you come across needs to be filled with all of your completed sculptures. Likewise, if you feel inspired, feel free to participate in this work of sculpture.

This game currently holds the top spot in the casual category.

Dream Wedding:

Dream Wedding

In terms of Android games, the game is ranked seventh in the USA. It is ranked 4.4 on the Google Play Store. This game falls under the casual genre at the same time. And it comes in third place in this category.

However, I should note that this game is only compatible with iPads or iPhones. You’ll organize a wedding in the game while this is happening. Your opinion will determine both the location of the groom’s dress and the nature of the bride’s dress.

Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers

Welcome to the mobile game of unending running. This game isn’t as well-liked in just the USA, in my opinion. because it has become incredibly popular worldwide. I enjoy running on this train’s tracks where you have to pass trains since they are coming so quickly.

If you hit a moving train, you must restart your journey somehow. But if you have a key, you can use it to restart your quest.

On the Google Play Store, this game is the most popular arcade game in the USA.

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