Start Your Business On The Right Foot, New Entrepreneurs!

In this week’s SUCCESS Line, I’m awed by the guest. This week I speak with Rudolph, an immigrant from Africa who arrived in the U.S.

six years ago with a bare minimum of friends and family. It took him some time to get into the medical research field, but now he is a respected member of his community. In an effort to help other African-born immigrants find their way in America, he has started a business.

Our mantra at Brand Builders Group is that you’re best suited to serve the person you used to be. That’s exactly what Rudolph is attempting to do with his newfound fame.

You can start a business. While investing in this exciting new project, he’s finding himself short on time and money as he works a full-time job. ‘How do you manage it all?’

he demanded.
When you first start out as an entrepreneur, the road to success can seem muddy and unclear. So, how does one persevere in the early days? What follows are three of my best tips.

You Should Do At Least 100 Repetitions Before You Check Your Status

The first time I was paid, I spoke for free 304 times. My speaking engagements now provide me with a living. Would have quit if I’d rated myself on my success after only speaking five or ten times or even 50 times.

Everything new has a sluggish beginning.

Before you can check your stats, you need to do (at least) 100 reps. Before you look at your downloads, publish 100 podcast episodes. Publish 100 YouTube videos before you even think about subscribers. Just go to the gym a hundred times and you’ll lose weight in no time at all

When you’re just starting out, you need to give yourself some time to get your bearings. Not about the results, but rather about the habits. In the end, perseverance is more important than numbers.

No matter how many fans you have, it’s the foundation you’re building for your career that will carry you forward. In the early stages of your business, you should focus on habits, perseverance, and infrastructure.

Having a Customer-Financed Business Is The Best Business To Have.

A customer-financed business is a best and safest way to guarantee growth. Nothing to do with your own savings or investments.

It’s impossible to rely on someone else to show up and hand over the cash if you want to write your own check for your own life and future.

What does it mean to be a customer-financed company?

It’s a sign that you’re in the business of making Talk to as many people about what you’re doing.

A product or service that adds real value to people’s lives is worth telling everyone you know about, especially if you’re passionate about it.

What it takes to be an entrepreneur is all of this and more. Even to get on the field, you have to pay. Success requires telling people about your product and generating sales.

Your business can’t grow without the customers and their money. Making more sales is the answer to every business problem today. However, you’re unable to make the necessary investments or hire a new employee. Solve the problem by selling.

Write Your Own Destiny.

Make your own decisions. Unfortunately, there aren’t any easy ways out of this one either. Making sales and reaching out are the only means of achieving success.

The Right Choice Isn’t What’s Important. Choose Wisely.

Concentrate less on making the correct decision. Choose wisely and then act accordingly.

Unlike a maze, the universe does not have a single path to success. If it were a cornfield, you’d just keep moving forward.

It’s as simple as deciding which direction to run in and then getting started.

The road to success isn’t a cakewalk. There’s no point in waiting for everyone’s opinion and doing market research to figure out the perfect next step to achieve your goal of success.

The road to success is arduous. To be successful in business, you must decide ahead of time that you will be successful, and then put your head down and dive in.
You have to decide for yourself what you believe is possible for your life.

It all starts with a decision in your mind. A good path is one that you keep returning to.

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