Prize Bond Timetable 2021, Draw Dates & City

Prize Bond Timetable 2021

Check Complete Draw Prize Bond Schedule 2021

The Prize Bond Complete Timetable of the year 2021 includes the amount, date, town/place, date, and drawing numbers from January to December 2021. If a public vacation is visible on the drawing day, the prize bond schedule 2021 is subject to change. Therefore, if the public holiday takes place in Pakistan, the price bond program 2021 must be amended at the next date.

Prize Bond Draw Calendar 2021 from Jan to Dec

Sr. NoPrize bondDraw#DateDayCity
1Rs. 15,000#854 January 2021FridayMuzaffarabad
2Rs. 750#8515 January 2021FridayHyderabad
3Rs. 7,500#851 February 2021MondayLahore
4Rs. 1,500#8515 February 2021MondayQuetta
5Rs. 100#3315 February 2021MondayKarachi
6Rs. 40,000#1610 March 2021WednesdayRawalpindi
7Rs. 200#8515 March 2021MondayFaisalabad
8Rs. 15,000#861 April 2021ThursdayHyderabad
9Rs. 750#8615 April 2021ThursdayQuetta
10Rs. 7,500#863 May 2021MondayRawalpindi
11Rs. 100#3417 May 2021MondayMultan
12Rs. 1,500#8617 May 2021MondayKarachi
13Rs. 40,000#1710 June 2021ThursdayMuzaffarabad
14Rs. 200#8615 June 2021TuesdayPeshawar
15Rs. 15,000#872 July 2021FridayQuetta
16Rs. 750#8715 July 2021ThursdayLahore
17Rs. 7,500#872 August 2021MondayKarachi
18Rs. 100#3516 August 2021MondayFaisalabad
19Rs. 1,500#8716 August 2021MondayMultan
20Rs. 40,000#1810 September 2021FridayPeshawar
21Rs. 200#8715 September 2021WednesdayMuzaffarabad
22Rs. 15,000#881 October 2021FridayKarachi
23Rs. 750#8815 October 2021FridayRawalpindi
24Rs. 7,500#881 November 2021MondayMultan
25Rs. 1,500#8815 November 2021MondayFaisalabad
26Rs. 100#3615 November 2021MondayPeshawar
27Rs. 40,000#1910 December 2021FridayLahore
28Rs. 200#8815 December 2021WednesdayHyderabad2
Prize Bond Timetable 2021

Draw Schedule 2021 of Prize Bond

A scheme for the collection of money from people and the awarding of cash awards based on lucky draws began in Pakistan in1960. The system helps the state to borrow billions of rupees from the people, but not much money is paid by investors. Let us find out more. Let’s find out more. It’s a lottery bond of some sort. Pakistan offers them national savings. It’s a type of barrier that doesn’t pay any profit or prize. You can get this bond in different denominations. You can find them in many different denominations in Pakistan between 100 and 40,000.

In the winning numbers listed on the site, you can check your prize bond number. You can contact the appropriate department for reward claims if you find out that you have a matching number. It is indeed a question of opinion.

You can check out the list of prize bonds for more information. If you are interested in collecting the prize money, complete the form and send a copy of your signed prize money bond along with your valid CNIC. Rs. 80,000,000 is the highest price for a premium bond of Rs. 40,000. Rs. 75,000,000, regularly billed against a bond of Rs. 40,000 is its Second-largest prize money.

You may purchase these Prize Bonds from any registered dealer or scheduled bank, whether you live within or outside Pakistan. These bonds can’t be bought online. You can purchase them from local banks, SBPs, or national savings agencies. Although online estimates are numerous, they are useless. No formula exists for determining which bond is gained. Everything depends on your luck because the system is lots based.

The choice of investing in a prize obligation The draw schedule of the prize bond depends on the person. Some people like the idea that their money will be available if they decide to evacuate. Other people like the lottery and invest only to that end. Most investors believe that investing in more bonds will give every individual more chance of earning prizes, despite the fact that the chances of winning statistics are more common. The national saving center providesĀ 750 Prize Bond List andĀ 7500 Prize Bond List and more than 6 denominations.

All About Prize Bond Draw List in Pakistan

At the beginning of the year, the list of Pakistan Prize Bond prizes published by the National Saving Center will be available on There is no attraction on that day as Saturday and Sunday are public holidays of the Federal Govt. You must know that in the prize bond schedule 2021 these dates are considered empty.

You can check the prize bond list to see if you won any prize money if you have to download the price bond schedule for the year 2021. You must be at least 16 years old and must invest in order to be eligible to buy a premium bond. National Savings and Investment bonds with the support of HM Treasury provide premium bonds, making your capital absolutely safe. However, premium bonds give you the opportunity to win up to 1 million, with lots of small prizes up to 50 percent.

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