Increase Rs. 2.70 in Petrol per Liter Prices from February 1

Increase Rs. 2.70 in Petrol per Liter Prices from February 1

The rise in oil prices has been endorsed by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Oil Gas and Regulatory Authority (OGRA), according to the latest reports, had sent a review on 1 February of rising oil products prices. OGRA suggested an increase of Rs 12.18/L of petrol, Rs12.12/L of high-speed diesel, Rs11.10 per liter of keroes, and Rs6.62/L of light diesel, in the summary sent to the Prime Minister. Summary.

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From 12 noon today until 15 February, the new price of petroleum products will apply. The OGRA shall forward the Prime Minister’s House every two weeks, after which the Prime Minister shall review the prices and accept the new prices, to a summary of price rises for petroleum goods. Earlier, OGRA had proposed that from 15 January the price of oil be increased by Rs 13 per liter, but Prime Minister Rs 3.20 was accepted.

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PM Imran Khan refused OGRA’s recommendation to raise oil prices and accepted a minimum price increase for petroleum products. Prime Minister Imran Khan increased Rs 2.70 for gasoline, Rs 2.88 for high-speed diesel, and Rs 3.54 for kerosene in the public interest and approved a 3.00-liter rise on light diesel prices.

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