Best Tips to Improve Your Monday Morning Routine

Happy Monday! At least, I HOPE you’re having a happy Monday!

If this morning you feel not so good, let’s discuss the things you need to do to make your morning routine better. I know everything gets so hectic as soon as the weekend is gone, but it is just as important to take time to take care of yourself as this email is urgently needed! If you are seeking strategies for feeling healthier and less frantic on your Monday mornings, here are 5 tips I can swear by:

Create a Morning Ritual

Even if we do this instinctively and are not aware we all have our own individual techniques of concentrating ourselves! Do you meditate? Do you meditate? Pray? Do you repeat claims? Do you enjoy a skin treatment for yourself? Either way, whatever you prefer to do for yourself – see what it is, and make it your Monday morning routine! Life can be so hectic that we forget to take time for ourselves, but it is crucial to take so great care of yourself since you and everyone around you deserve the finest version of yourself!

Get Moving

Willie is definitely one of the best things I could have done in this respect for myself. Before I received my pup, I was able to spend the whole day in my house working in front of my computer. Now my morning begins with a walk (I still work Willie in short periods!) and before I start my day, I feel so nice to have some fresh air on my system.

Sleep Off Your Sunday Scaries

If there is any days in the week I always intend to turn in the early days, it’s my Sunday nights! I don’t play when it comes to sleep. I normally go to bed early at 9:30 pm to avoid the need to be alarmed so that I can feel bright and rejuvenated early on Monday morning. If you like to spend your Sundays in front of the week, one of the greatest things to do is to get enough sleep to keep you alert for the rest of the week.

Spend an Hour with a Book, Playlist or Podcast

Getting into culture is extremely vital to your personal development. Not everyone, of course, has the time to read books or attend museums and exhibits of art – but there are so many methods to study the world from home! Please place an instructive podcast while you are showering, test your friend’s new music playlist last week, or click on a new audiobook to listen throughout your commute. It’s a terrific chance to learn more about subjects that you’re interested in and get a glimpse of the worldly mails and working duties you’re looking forward to.

Make Your Bed & Declutter Your Space

It allows me adequate time to take care of my personal area before putting on my computer and working when I get ready early on a Monday morning. Usually, I start my day by making my beds, laundries, trash… and other relics of the weekend, so for a busy week ahead, I can clear my home! I love also to burn my candle with a lovely, calming scent in my room.

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