How to Download HESCO Duplicate Online Bill

How to Download HESCO Duplicate Online Bill

HESCO Online Bill

A duplicate Hesco online bill may be what you’re looking for. You may quickly check the total bill as well as the amount owed and the due date. The bill’s picture is also available for printing or downloading. Therefore, enter the bill reference number below to view your Hesco online bill:

These days, it is simple for anyone who lives outside of Pakistan to check their household or company bills. Enter into Google’s search bar. The requirement to input a 14-digit reference number and double-check all the data is a barrier.

Let’s imagine you want to visit, which is the official Hesco website. On the main website, anything is available for free. There is access to all the trustworthy information.

About Reference Number

You can check your hesco e bill for information about residential, commercial, or industrial electricity connections. After entering the 14-digit reference number in the entry form above, you will obtain your Hesco online bill. Look at the illustration below if you’re unsure of where to look for your HESCO reference number:

How to check the HESCO bill check online?

There’s no need to travel far to find your replica if you’ve lost it. Our online service is a more practical, quick, and safe alternative. You only need an electronic device, an internet connection, and a copy of your most recent bill in order to use our website. then adhere to these steps to obtain the billing information.

  • To access the HESCO billing website, click here or use the form above.
  • Obtain the reference number for the previous invoice.
  • Copy and paste it into the dialogue box that is blank and requests your phone number.
  • Look at the tab labeled “Electricity Bill (General and Industrial)”.
  • After clicking the “Submit” button, wait a short while.
  • The digital WAPDA online bill from the most recent month for HESCO will be shown.
  • Then, you have the option of printing it off or paying your HESCO account online.

Area of Operations

12 districts in Pakistan’s Sindh are supplied with electricity by HESCO. To ensure the continuous supply of electricity to 1,138,328 clients, HESCO developed 4 operating circles, 15 operation divisions, and 67 operation sub-divisions, in addition to 6 construction divisions and 5 M&T divisions. To guarantee that its customers have access to electricity, the company works around the clock.

Executive Engineers (XENs), Subdivisional Officers (SOs), and Superintending Engineers (SEs) lead the Circle, Divisions, and Subdivisions, respectively (SDOs). Each section has a Customer Service Officer assigned to it (CSO).

Hesco Online Complaint

The second method is the Hesco Complaint online one. Imagine that you are unhappy with Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO). Simply fill out the registration form on the official website. Complete the form for your complaint and include your reference number. After a short draught of a complaint, submit it. You will receive a complaint number after filing, which is important since it will enable you to track down your complaint. This identity is quite safe.

The internet system is the greatest substitute for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. On our website, enter and double-check the reference number for your bill. Therefore, the electricity company’s behavior deserves praise. The Hyderabad Electric Company is currently attempting to migrate all of its data administration over the internet to make things simpler for its consumers.

When a bill went missing in the past, there was no other way to find it. Most customers are worried about what might occur if they don’t pay their Hesco bills by the deadline. The subsequent month’s bills will reflect the increased fees. Wapda has so overcome every obstacle that had to be overcome for the online systems to be deployed.

  • Additionally, you can email to lodge your complaint.
  • You can also SMS 8118O or call the Contact Center at (118).
  • New connection fees and procedures for Hesco

Your unit used in the property will be relevant if you recently moved into a new home and wish to set up a new connection or if you currently have a meter. You are aware that the number of units consumed affects how much the bill will cost. 19.30 rupees is typically the price for 1 to 100 units. The price difference for an extra unit is $20.95 if you use 101 units. Therefore, installing a new meter will only allow you to save money. On one meter, the load for your home shifts, and on your second connection, the other load shifts.

Request the installation of a new connection. Hesco personnel will get in touch with you once you submit your application to ask for payment of the demand notice. Once all requirements have been met, they will be able to install the meter in the upcoming days.

Hesco Demand Notice Tracking

After it has been received, the demand notice can also be tracked. You must keep in mind the tracking ID given to you after applying for a new connection. Using tracking software is the most effective way to keep track of everything. The complete process of Hesco Hydrabad Elektricity may be monitored online.

Online applications are also employed for the new connection; they are simple and quick to use. Since all information about the Wapda company is available online, the bulk of clients didn’t need to go to the offices. Visit the official website and follow the instructions to apply online. For people who reside in Hydrabad’s outer districts or do not have access to transportation to come to work, the online method works well.

Hesco Bill online bill payment

Let’s imagine you need to pay your Hesco bill while at work or when traveling outside of Pakistan. Customers have the option of using this service to pay their Hesco online bijli bills. The last time I checked, that wasn’t available. Payments can only be made at the Pakistan Post Office or the National Bank of Pakistan. The opening of all government banks has grown increasingly practical over time. These banks now accept in-person bill payments.

  • The Punjab Bank
  • Limited by Habib Bank
  • Muslim Business Bank (MCB)
  • Limited by Allied Bank
  • Bank Meezan

Duplicate Hesco bill installment

For both home and commercial use, RS 5000 can be paid in two to three installments. The approved officer is Sub Divisional Officer(SDO) Operation.

Domestic and commercial customers may pay their Rs. 15,000 over 2 to 3 installments, but the Incharge customer service center is accepted.

Industrial T-wells, Residential, and Commercial 2 to 3 cost RS 50,000. It falls within the purview of the Dumpty Director Commercial and the Executive Engineer(XEN) operation.

Superintending Engineer(SE) is the authorized person for the T-well Industrial Commercial and Domestic 2 to 3 Installments for RS 200000.

There is a payment plan option available, and there are no price differences between operating and terminated connections. Depending on the level of usage, it was given to various officers.

Data for severed connections alone is presented above. The approved identity and installments indicated above are what you need if you want payments for running connections.

Hesco bill SMS alert registration

Hesco has been given a mandate for SMS warnings by the federal government of Pakistan. To be eligible for SMS alerts, they must first register their real phone number. Before a bill is issued, consumers can get all the necessary information. Therefore, visit the Hesco View Bill website if you haven’t received your invoices.

A new email service is being launched by Hesco. The customer will thereafter receive their Hesco utility bill via free email services. Register for notifications before you may start receiving email alerts.


HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. On April 23, 1998, HESCO, a public limited company, was established. The company is in charge of distributing energy in Hyderabad and the surrounding areas of Sindh, Pakistan.

Hesco App

If your smartphone has extra capacity and you’re worried about your utility costs Following internet services, Hasco unveils a brand-new item, the Hesco application for Android.

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