How to Download Duplicate SEPCO Bill?

How to Download And Duplicate SEPCO Bill Online

SEPCO Online Bill

You can view the SEPCO Online Bill (also known as the “sepco bill”) online. You can view your SEPCO wapda bill using this website.

simple on any device (mobile/desktop). You can print a duplicate of your statement and verify the amount and due date of your sepco energy bill. Enter your 14-digit reference number in the input box below to confirm your Sepco bill:

How to check SEPCO Bill?

Follow these procedures to check your Pesco bill online:

  • Visit the website.
  • After keying in the 14-digit reference number, click the ‘Check Bill’ option.
  • The most recent Sepco bill amount and the due date can be found here.
  • Click “View Full Bill” to view the whole bill or to get a copy of it.

You may check your Sepco Wapda bill from the comfort of your home whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device because our website is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes.

Where is the Reference Number in the SEPCO Bill?

You’ll need your reference number to check your Sepco online bill. Any old bill copy will have the reference number, but if you’re not sure where to look, please see the screen below:

This is the location to go if you have any duplicate bills. Enter your reference number in the box above to find your bill for the month of 2022. To receive your Sepco electricity bill automatically for the months of 2022, you can also sign up for monthly bill emails.


A power distribution business located in Sukkur is called SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Power Company). It was produced by branching HESCO. As a result, HESCO’s prior total control over its operational regions has been split into two halves. On July 26, 2010, SEPCO was established.

This post is for you if you reside in one of the aforementioned cities or adjacent areas and have not yet received your electricity bill. After entering your reference number, you will see your bill amount, due date, and the option to print or download a “SEPCO duplicate bill” on the next screen.

SEPCO Consumers:

Many of this organization’s clients belong to the national segment. Most of SEPCO’s customers are residents of Sukkur and the surrounding areas.

How to check Monthly SEPCO Bill Online?

The following criteria can be used to evaluate SEPCO Bill online:

Visit the website pakoptioncom/sepco-bill.html.

Reference number: 14 digits.

You now receive a brand-new bill number that includes a date.

To view the entire bill or download a duplicate of this bill invoice, simply click “View Full Bill.”

How to Pay SEPCO Bill?

You can pay by visiting the closest commercial bank branch, post office, or most Easypaisa outlets. If you didn’t receive your copy of the bill, you can print a duplicate using the aforementioned manner and then pay SEPCO quickly.

SEPCO Bill Email Service:

The main website of SEPCO offers a wonderful function called invoice email support. By providing your email address and reference number, you may sign up for a monthly bill. You will then get your invoice via email each month before the due date. This SEPCO official website is where you should go if you’re looking for invoice SMS.

New Connection Registration and Transfer Procedure:

Read the most recent link document by clicking here. In order to change the Name on the invoice after purchasing a new home where the SEPCO connection was already enrolled with the previous owner, you must go through the same process as creating a new link. You can use the SEPCO office that is most convenient for you to make the necessary title changes or corrections.

SEPCO Bill Taxes:

The list of common taxes that you can see on the SEPCO Bill is as follows:


Fuel Price Adjustment is referred to as FPA. Even the FPA price tag on SEPCO’s monthly bill is determined by the cost of gas for companies that rent out their ability to produce electricity using oil. Whenever there is a fuel cost due, you can see that number on your monthly account.

T.R Surcharge:

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is abbreviated as T.R. NEPRA and the GOP tariff gap is the true culprit here. GOP will soon be required to pay this as a “Subsidy” if the gap is favorable. Due to the “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)”, the Distribution Business will cover the GOP in the case of a negative gap.

FC Surcharge:

FC is short for Lending Price. To obtain a set of debt-servicing for their ability Holding Personal Limited, the officials decided to bill 43 paisa for each device as Hamilton’s academic Surcharge.

Deferred Volume:

This is the amount of the bill that you have opted to pay over the course of the next thirty days, or even sooner. There are no late payment penalties on the waived fee, and your upcoming statements may include this amount in full or in payments.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

That will serve as the level for yearly tariff modifications. This number will appear on your monthly statement a few weeks after each other.

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