First human rights resource portal launched in Pakistan

Ministry of Human Rights Launches Pakistan’s First Human Rights Resource Portal

In cooperation with the EU, Pakistan’s first Human Rights Resource Portal in Pakistan is launched by the Ministry of Human Rights. The purpose of this portal is to provide an updated and state-of-the-art archive for human rights. The platform raises awareness among students, scholars, professionals, and the public.

The site would provide detailed information on Pakistan’s internal institutional structure for human rights and international obligations. The platform will also document reports and publications on important issues of human rights released by the government, civil society organizations, and UN agencies.

In addition, awareness of human rights legislation, policies, and discrepancies will be improved. It will promote the development in Pakistan of new human rights programs, research, policies, and solutions.

This new platform will help users learn their rights that each Pakistani citizen has been promised by the Constitution and federal and provincial legislation.

Portal also offers extensive educational tools and materials for the support of human rights professionals and workers.

The legislation is listed by the provinces and topics for reader information, including human, political and economic rights, children’s rights, women’s rights and minority rights.

The Human Rights Portal is a major innovative initiative to increase the availability and accessibility of information which is essential to promote greater awareness of human rights in Pakistan,” says Federal Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari. We are hopeful ultimately that it will create greater civic participation and contribute to building an atmosphere that will allow people in Pakistan to exercise their rights.

Various agencies including legislative bodies, human rights commissions, regional human rights ministers and regulatory bodies provide federal and provincial information aimed at promoting and securing human rights.

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