A Professional Humanitarian’s Tips for Developing a Socially Responsible Habit

Money isn’t the best measure of success, even if most people are happy to have it. Read on to learn why.

Giving back is the key to success. We are looking for someone who is willing to mentor a new intern, give back to the community, or raise awareness for important causes in the community

When it comes to creating social good, Shauna Nep is an expert.

Musicians like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato rely on her expertise to turn their charitable ideas into reality.

To her, the definition of social good is fluid; you do whatever it takes to improve the quality of life on Earth, no matter what it takes.

In some cases, Nep says, “that looks like a massive concert raising millions of dollars for a cause, and in other cases, it could be checking in on an old friend who I know is going through a tough time.”

“It’s really a wide spectrum.”

Nep discusses finding and supporting the right causes in this episode of Brilliant Thoughts with SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada. As a result of their discussion, you’ll learn how to focus your philanthropy and make a difference in the world.

If so, what are your goals? Consider these suggestions from a professional human rights activist:

Make Philanthropy a Priority.

The life of an entrepreneur is hectic, no doubt about it. To-do lists are endless, and yesterday’s tasks can spill over into today’s.

You can easily lose sight of your philanthropic goals when you’re busy with your career.

Make sure your approach is adaptable so that you can stay on track Have a plan to help others but leave room for the unexpected, such as natural disaster relief or viral campaigns. Having a plan and a schedule is a good thing.

Nevertheless, it’s okay to rearrange your priorities if a pressing issue arises.

You know we do everything big and impactful if you’re familiar with our company, Nep says. This is also the case when it comes to philanthropy.”

While working on a new album, we’ve also been involved in marches and benefit concerts…. When you’re able to shift your focus to the positive, it’s truly amazing.”

Create a Social Good Plan.

It’s also possible to become disoriented by reacting to everything. As a result, don’t overextend yourself. Set up a plan that you can follow at any time.

Consider what causes you to care about.

Choose a few causes that are important to you. Whatever they are, they must be positive and contribute to the larger mission.

Today’s most pressing issues include:

  • Preventing the spread of guns
  • Taking down racism
  • Police brutality must be ended
  • Mindfulness as an advocacy
  • Increasing the number of voters
  • Involvement in the LGBT community

As time goes on, what will you be supporting? Think about the issues raised above and other causes that are gaining momentum.

Some people find it ideal to join an existing initiative, such as the ones listed above. Others identify a problem that has gone unnoticed and launches a campaign to get people talking about it. Everything depends on you.

Who or what is keeping you awake at night? According to Nep, “What are the issues you’d like to concentrate on?”

Make use of your strengths in service of a greater good

Knowing what you’re fighting for is the first step in figuring out how you’re going to help. How can you help leaders and organizers? Assuming this is the case, identify your strengths so that you can work with your passion or purpose.

Could you…

  • To raise awareness, why not create a social campaign?
  • Make proposals for charitable organizations?
  • What if you used your online presence to host a virtual fundraiser?
  • Can you cater a charity event?

In the end, it all comes down to your passion and how you’d like to express it.

Seek Assistance.

Recognize that you’re not the only one battling for social justice. Numerous grassroots activists with years of activism experience can be found all over the world.

If you’re not sure what to do first, follow these leaders on social media. Then, you’ll know where an initiative is headed and how to help. Just send them a quick DM (or just read their tweets).

The same is true for SB Projects, which is run by Nep. The company’s business partners can help her with philanthropy projects. They have a unique set of skills that help her get things done more quickly.

After all, we can’t be experts on every subject, says Nep.

Working in the humanitarian field is good for your soul.

A single day spent thinking about others can make you a happier person. Remind yourself that we’re meant to succeed together, not alone. Invite others to join you in your charitable endeavors, and make it a group effort.

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