A Lesson from Three Creative Masters on Success

Is it possible for you to create a “think space” at work, However, even though CEOs believe that the ability to be creative is the most important leadership skill, research shows that 80 percent of workers in the United States and the United Kingdom feel more pressure to be Many professionals today are too busy to spend much time in the creative zone.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked closely with high-level innovators in a variety of industries, including as a member of the team that launched Apple’s music and entertainment division.

Every time I see how they approach the creative process, whether they’re writing songs, producing hits, directing films and music videos, or writing a best-seller, I’m fascinated and inspired.

A unique exploration and celebration of the creative process in film, music, TV, animation, advertising, industrial design, architecture, fashion, and more were held in Portland in Oregon last week. The following three speakers (among others) shared insights that can help you be more creative at work, no matter what your industry.

Make Up Your Mind.

Award-winning writer and artist Brian Michael Bendis is the driving force behind Marvel’s iconic Ultimate Comics series.

In order to create imagination, one must first think in metaphors that are abstract If you’re a literalist, the entire world ‘All the world’s a stage’ is the view of a Use Shakespeare as an example (and don’t be afraid to borrow from other realms).

By connecting people and ideas, I’ve had the most success (aka making imagination). The Mac’s initial success had plateaued during my tenure at Apple (as its original head of music and entertainment).

It was clear to me that to regain market share, we needed to appeal to the hearts and minds of notable musicians and filmmakers by showcasing the Mac’s

In order to create imagination, one must first think in metaphors that are abstract

“Apple Masters” showcased the work done on Mac computers by a select group of creative luminaries.

That’s how I got my imagination to Because of these aspirational case studies, as well as Apple’s “Think Different” ad campaign, the Mac became an indispensable tool that creatives still use to realize their visions. As a result of this, Apple’s management decided to fully

Take Responsibility For Your Actions.

In addition to having designed seminal products like the Apple PowerBook and Beats headphones, Robert Brunner is also known for hiring his successor, Jony Ive.

His creative process starts with determining what’s worth designing, aiming for greatness, and taking ownership of the design process from cradle to grave (including the packaging). To top it all off, he’s not averse to taking on both risks

In spite of how great your idea may be, you can’t be in charge In your opinion, what level of risk is What is the maximum amount of money you can afford However, you should take risks that could help you achieve your overall goal.

Outside forces, such as a lack of talent or a lack of resources, aren’t to blame for the Accept the fact that any creative risk involves some degree of uncertainty.

Find Your Motivator Without Adjusting Anything.

As a writer and director, Kevin Wilmott created C.S.A: The Confederate States of America, a reimagining of the United States if the Confederacy had won the It was purchased by IFC Films after its Sundance premiere.

Taking a cue from Dr.

Martin Luther King’s 1963 speech, Wilmott believes the best creatives (including himself) are “creatively maladjusted.” Meaning you should pursue the problem, solution or cause that motivates you, rather than the one that is sexy or cool for the year at the moment

Question: What do I care about or believe differently than most people around me? The question is, what did I love at the age of ten, and what do I hope

Motivation comes from within, so you’ll be able to produce better results more quickly.

The (RED) initiative’s vision of an AIDS-free generation fueled my participation in the launch of the (RED) initiative’s music service with curator Don MacKinnon, who was the visionary behind Hear Music and Starbucks’ earliest music efforts.

This opportunity to be a spoke on (RED’s) wheel, a music service that raises awareness of and funds for this cause, appealed to me on the basis of passion and creativity.

Inquire: What is it that I care about more or believe differently than most of the people At the age of ten, what was my favorite thing, and at the age of 90, Answers to these questions will help you identify your true motivator and act as a compass to guide

Ultimately, we’re all meant to be great creators who help to shape our world. There’s no limit to how much you can improve your business, yourself, and the world around you by boosting your creativity by learning from masters like these.

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